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jackie's why

In my twenties I grinded through the corporate world.  I spent long hours sitting a desk, staring into a computer screen, feeling like I was just another pay cheque.  Things started to shift on my 30th spin around the sun. I opened a yoga studio with my bestie. I wanted to share the one thing that challenged me physically, mentally and spiritually - yoga.

Two years later, I left my corporate job and began recalibrating my decision making. Rather than chasing happiness and a healthier lifestyle, I chose it. I started making daily decisions to learn, explore, fail and slowly transform my own reality.

Let’s get real. Our health matters - emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Everything around us is becoming more and more based on quick fixes. Our culture, more than ever before, includes medicine cabinets filled with pills, canned/boxed/microwaveable meal solutions and self-cleaning products.  Oh… and then add on sitting for hours each day - at work, commuting and on the couch.  It’s the sum of all of these choices that create our reality. What if we slowly turned the dial in a different direction? What if we slowly start to take care of ourselves and our families by eating more whole foods, eliminating the chemicals in our home (air fresheners, candles, perfumes, cleaning products) and by moving our bodies in a way that feels good?

It sounds daunting, I know. I was there. But each day, each week, I have committed to making small incremental changes so I can one day look back and see how far I have come.