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doTERRA is THE missing piece

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We were in the work of upleveling our diet, moving our body intentionally and with purpose.

We knew there were other areas of our life that needed upgrading… the toxic cleaning products, the medicine cabinet, our lack of tools when it came to emotional support.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Personally, these oils have given us

  • A stronger immune system

  • A toxin and fragrance free home

  • Rockin’ digestion

  • Improved focus (without having ANOTHER cup of coffee)

  • ZZzzzz… a better night’s sleep

  • The power to choose natural solutions

They’ve quite literally changed our lives EACH AND EVERY day.


doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world with over 7 million customers. Backed by science and purity, they partner with medical universities and hospitals to study essential oils as an alternative to medicine.  


doTERRA travels the world to search out plants from areas that they are either indigenously grown or they are absolutely thriving due to humidity, soil conditions, and sustainability practices.

Furthermore, co-impact sourcing supports families, communities and villages from over 40 countries, half of which are developing nations. doTERRA deliberately chooses to form partnerships where they will have the greatest impact in terms of the social, economic, and environmental well-being.



With no governing body regulating what goes into an essential oil bottle, there is a great likelihood that the bottle of essential oil at the grocery store, pharmacy,  or store in the mall, has been adulterated (synthetic essential oils, vegetable oil added to dilute). {That’s why they are charging $7, the label says you can’t use it on your skin, and you need to add 15 - 20 drops in a diffuser. }

doTERRA is different. This is why every single drop of oil must meet strict testing to guarantee there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. They also partner with a third party lab to undergo a battery of tests to ensure customers receive the highest quality oil, every time.

doTERRA is committed to absolute transparency. Learn more here: source to you.


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